Video Editing Training

  • Overview
Video Editing Training Course Syllabus
  • Introduction to Video Editing
  • Introduction to Adobe Premier Pro CC
  • Setup a video project
  • Introduction to Users Interface, Workspaces, panels and Tools

Setting project And Composition
  • Starting a New Project
  • Import your Media Files
  • Add Graphics Contents and Music
  • Insert stills and Text
  • Use of Transitions
  • Saving and Exporting Video

Working with Video Footage
  • Importing footage
  • Organize the video footage
  • Use of Basic Video Editing Tools
  • Creating video Sequence
  • Source Monitor and its use, playing and marking
  • Works with Insert Edits, Lifts and Inserts
  • Works with Modifier keys
  • Select and moving video clips using Track Select Tool

Editing Tools And Techniques
  • Trimming Videos
  • Zooming on the Video Timeline
  • Working with Lifts, Extracts and Trims
  • Replace Edits and Ripple Edit
  • Use of Transitions and refining Transitions
  • Working with Video contents and positions

Audio Editing
  • Working with Audio Channels
  • Working with audio Leveling
  • Working with Audio Equalizers
  • Volume Adjustment, Audio clip and track mixer
  • Working with Audio Effects
  • Synchronizing Video and Audio from different sources  

Maintaining Video Clips Speed
  • Editing Speed with Rate Stretch Tool
  • Use of Speed or Duration panel
  • Still and freezing Frames

Colour Correction
  • Color Correction techniques
  • Color Correction with Lumetri Panel
  • Lumetri Color Panel Lumetri Scopes
  • Colour Balancing
  • Adding Color Contrasts
  • Colour Grading Effects and Presets
  • Using Colour Adjustment Layers for Colour Grading

Video Effects And Transitions
  • Basic Ideas of smooth Transitions
  • Refine Transitions and Effect Control Panel
  • Combining special transitions with video effects
  • Customize Transitions with Colour Matte

Working With Green Screen Video
  • Cropping for Keying
  • Adding background to the video clip
  • Green Screen and Colour Correction
  • Cleaning up the Matte
  • Working with shadows

Text, Shapes And Titles
  • Working with Graphics workspaces
  • Creating Graphics Contents
  • Working with Fonts
  • Animation clips with key-frame
  • Adding motions to the Titles
  • Animating graphics along with Movie clips

Post Production Workflow
  • Creating own video Clips
  • Import, preview and organize the media clips
  • Working with Interviews
  • Adding B-Rolls Clips and refining color
  • Adding Music and Adjusting Volumes
  • Adding Graphics and Titles
  • Exporting and uploading to YouTube

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