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Photography is the practice or occupation of taking and printing photographs. It is a method of recording permanent images in a camera into a film or any light sensative surface. And the person who captures pictures using a camera is called a photographer. Photographers capture images that visualize a story or event. Their photos can be of people, places, things or events.

As photography is a creative profession, it requires more of inherent quality, interest and devotion than any sort of formal training. However, trainings helps aspiring photographers sharpen their talents. As a photographer, you will require an aesthetic sense as well as technical expertise. A good photographer normally should posses qualities like creativity, an aesthetic sense, good communication skills, and an ability to translate original ideas into fantastic images with impact.

For talented individuals photography can be a highly rewarding career. There are various areas of specializations like journalistic photography, fashion photography, advertising photography, wildlife and outdoors photography.

Course Content
  • Detail knowledge of Camera and lenses
  • Gears used for Photography
  • Types of Photography
  • Detail knowledge of exposure
  • Camera angle and shot size
  • Framing and composition
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Camera Handling and safety
  • Software used for editing
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