Computer Basic Training

  • Overview
Computer Basic Course Training  Syllabus

  • Understand basic principles of windows and its operation.
  • Develop adeptness of basic typing and mouse rule
  • Be able to use internet services as well as configure network connections.
  • Be able to work with various MS office packages to create modify reports, data, etc.
  • Be able to create a table, chart, graphs, as well as editing and inserting texts, multimedia in a file.
  • Be able to print a file or document using customized settings.
  • Be able to install and uninstall various software packages using recommended as well as customized settings.

Scope and Opportunities

The completion of this training will not enable the students to find job prospects. Although there are hardly any job openings in any discipline out in the market, that will hire a professional without basic computer knowledge. Every job openings in every level require the candidates to have computer operability knowledge.

Having computer knowledge does not always have an employment wise advantage. Being educated computer technology can also help you in your day to day lives. Like you want to use ms-word to complete your assignment or you want to use the internet to communicate with your family members who are in abroad or you want to order something online. It makes the daily operations simpler.

Fundamental of Computer
  • English  Typing
  • Ms Windows xp10
  • Ms Word
  • Ms Excel
  • Ms Paint
  • Printing Document
  • Photo Scanning
  • E-mail / Internet
  • Project

Module 1: Introduction to WINDOWS
  • Manage files and folders
  • Saving and searching files
  • Installation software
  • Installing and configuring drivers
  • Managing virus and security threats
  • Using Printers

Module 2: Office package
  • Creating word, excel and power point documents
  • Using charts and graphs
  • Using mail
  • Inserting media

Module 3: PDF
  • Creating PDF files
  • Converting word files to PDF

Module 4: CDs and DVDs
  • Using CD and DVD
  • Writing files to CD and DVD

Module 5: Internet Concept
  • Using Browser
  • Browsing Websites
  • Internet Configuration
  • Sending Emails
  • Setting Network
  • Search engines and patterns
  • Testimonials

I was starting a new job as a receptionist but I did not know how to use the computer and it always interfered with my ability to perform my job. After completing the training course I am able to perform my job without any difficulties.

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